Conference Keynote Speakers


Speaker: Prof. Matthew He (Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA)
Time: 10:00-10:30, October 1, 2019
Location: “Amethyst” conference hall of Moscow Salut Hotel
Конференц-зал «Аметист» - Гостиница «Салют»


Abstract. Symmetry is powerful because it is asymmetry's twin. They are equal and opposite, yin and yang. In this talk, we trace back to the empty relation/null transformation as the origin of symmetry and asymmetry, and present symmetrical and asymmetrical characteristics in Bioinformatics at many levels of organization ranging from genetic code, DNA replications, protein building blocks amino acids, individual cells, through organs, to entire body-shapes. We illustrate that the presence of symmetry enables the ease and efficiency of live formation and the role of asymmetry is to enable evolution and adaptation to take place.  Furthermore, we pointed out that the phenomenon of symmetry breaking lies at the heart of most of our understanding of pattern formation. As a universal principle, symmetry breaking originates information, and is essential for cell movement, polarity, and developmental patterning. We conclude that symmetry and asymmetry intertwines via a motion of symmetry breaking…

Matthew He, Ph.D., is Full Professor and Assistant Dean of the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography of Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA. He is Full Professor and Grand Ph.D. from the World Information Distributed University since 2004. He has been awarded as an Academician of European Academy of Informatization since 2004. He received the World Academy of Sciences Achievement Awards in recognition of his research contributions in the field of computing in 2003 and 2010. Dr. Matthew He was selected as one of 65 outstanding overseas Chinese scientists in Chinese Stamp Book Collection in 2014 in worldwide distribution with a limited edition.  Dr. Matthew He has authored and edited 10 books and conference proceedings and published over 100 research papers in the areas of mathematics, bioinformatics, computer vision, information theory, math and engineering techniques in medical and biological sciences. He is an invited series editor of Biomedical and Life Sciences of Henry Stewart Talk "Using Bioinformatics in Exploration in Genetic Diversity". He has served as a member of International Advisory Board of "International Symmetry Association (ISA) since 2004. He is also an Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, and an editor of International Journal of Software Science and Computational Intelligence, International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence, International Journal of Biological Systems, and International Journal of Integrative Biology. He is a member of American Mathematical Society (AMS), Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE Computer Society, World Association of Science Engineering (WASE), and International Advisory Board member of Bioinformatics Group of International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).


Keynote Speech: Biomechanical study and automation of the life cycle stages of high-tech medical operations
Speaker: S.S. Gavriushin, Prof., Dr.Sci. (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia)
Time: 10:30-11:00, October 1, 2019
Location: “Amethyst” conference hall of Moscow Salut Hotel
Конференц-зал «Аметист» - Гостиница «Салют»

Abstract. Presents the experience of the application of digital technologies for training and planning surgery. Consistently outlines the technology of using computer tomography to build solid models and the technology of finite-element modeling of biomechanical objects, allowing for the analysis of functional, strength and rigidity characteristics of the biomechanical structures in the framework of the virtual surgical and orthodontic operations. Discussed the achievements and prospects for the use of additive technology and digital production in the manufacture of endoprostheses, supporting and operating equipment.
The emphasis is on the use of CAS-systems, which allows to improve the quality of high-tech surgical operations by taking into account the individual patient and optimization of the operational process. In the process life-cycle operation sequentially uses a set of methodologies, methods and techniques based on the use of biomechanical principles, computer analysis, virtual modeling, and traditional and additive technologies for manufacturing implants and operating equipment.
Provides real examples of application software, hardware and additive manufacturing processes to planning and implementation of high-tech surgery in a modern multidisciplinary clinical center.

Sergey S. Gavriushin, Prof., Dr. Sci.
Current employments: Head of department "Automated Production Computer Systems" of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Field of specialization:
Prof. S. Gavriushin has more than 40 year's post-degree working experience in areas of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Biomechanics, Robotics, Software Engineering and Automated Production Computer Systems.   He is the higher qualification specialist in fields of Dynamics, Strength and Reliability of Machines, Devices and Structures, Biomechanics.  He deals with the Finite Element Method and others Numerical Methods of the Computational Mechanics to analyze the stress-strain state, dynamic response, stability   and   nonlinear   behavior   the flexible thin-walled structures and biomechanical systems. He also deals with smart materials, materials with memory of shape, the micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) and the micro robotic systems. Recently he actively is engaged in questions of the biomechanics and support of highly technological medical operations. He is Editor-in-Chief of Journal "Proceedings of Higher Educational institutions. Machine Building".
Prof. S. Gavriushin published 6 Book and more than 250 Articles. He supervised 14 Ph.D. works and was the scientific consultant of 2 Sc.D. works.
International and CEE/PD work experience:
From 1995 till 2000 Prof. S. Gavriushin worked on coordinator position of International Center of Educational Systems (ICES) UNESCO. From 2001 till 2007 he was the Head of Department of Intersectional Training Institute on new line of technical and technology development of BMSTU.
Prof. S. Gavriushin - member of the Executive Board of International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science (IFToMM), member of the International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts (IFNA), academician of Academy of Nonlinear Sciences and Academy of Medical Technical Sciences and foreign member of the Mongolian National Academy of Science.


Speaker: S.V. Shushardzhan, Prof., Dr. of Medical Sciences.
Time: 9:00-9:30, October 2, 2019
Location: “Amethyst” conference hall of Moscow Salut Hotel
Конференц-зал «Аметист» - Гостиница «Салют»


Abstract. The lecture is devoted to fundamentals and achievements of Scientific Music Therapy and acoustic biotechnologies developed in Russia and used now in many countries. This scientific-technologic direction has received in 2019 year from European Union a special grant for further developing thematic international cooperation: "Comprehensive multiprofesional approach to the treatment the patients using the elements of the scientific music therapy". The report presents some Russian patented developments in this fields and also theoretical and technological approaches for further increasing their effectiveness.

Sergey Vaganovich Shushardzhan , Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Philosophy Doctor, academician of IAIM, RAMTS, PAS&A and IAEIS, Director of the Research Center for Music Therapy and Healthcare Technologies; President of the National Association of Music Therapists (RF); President of the European Music Therapy Academy (EU); Supervisor of "Doctor Music" Company Group.
He managed to create an original scientific school in the country that received wide international recognition. It is thanks to the results of targeted systemic research for more than 20 years that in Scientific Music Therapy were appeared Innovative Methods, Therapeutic and Health-improving Technologies and with such applications in Medicine, Psychology and Pedagogy, about which it was previously impossible even to dream.
To a large extent, the successful development of the business was facilitated by the fact that Sergey V.  Shushardzhan on the one hand - a doctor and a scientist with significant clinical and research experience, and on the other hand - a professional opera singer and vocal teacher, who was able to combine his versatile knowledge in a new direction - Scientific Music Therapy.
Musical Art and Pedagogy
As a singer he is known as the owner of the outstanding baritone whose repertoire has 15 leading operatic roles, more than 500 arias, romances and songs. He had Successful tours at the best opera and concert venues in Russia and Europe (1982-1994).
Vocal pedagogical activity (1994 - present time): developed an innovative system for the rapid setting and restoration of the singing voice, prepared opera singers, laureates of international competitions.
Medicine: science and practice
Medical practice (from 1977- present time): general practitioner, who owns methods of Rehabilitation, Restorative Medicine, including Reflexology and Music Therapy.
Scientific research and development: the author of 170 scientific publications in the field of Music Therapy, Rehabilitation, Restorative Medicine, Cellular Acoustics, Anti-Aging Medicine, Reflexology and Psychology, 11 patents for inventions.
Books, tutorials:
1.  Health by notes. - М., 1994. -P. 190.
2. Music therapy and reserves of the human body. -М., 1998. - P. 363.
3. Methods of musical therapy (manual for doctors). -М., Ministry of Healthcare, 2002.-С.29.
4. Guide to Music Therapy. - М., Medicine, 2005. - С.   478.
5. A Textbook on Restorative Medicine (with co-authors).  -М., РНЦВМИК, 2009. - С.241-244.
Selected articles (publications in Russia, Germany, Norway, France, Canada, etc.):
1. The Music Influence to the Tumor Cells Culture (1999)
2. Features of Music Therapy for Depression and Anxiety (2004).
3. Mechanisms of Music Therapy Efficiency for Essential Hypertension (2006)
4. The influence of the Musical-acoustic Environment on Human Health (2008)
5. Music Therapy Anti-aging mechanisms by Meso-Forte Technology (2017)
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Keynote Speech: 2n-dimensional hyperbolic numbers in bioinformatics and algebraic biology

Speaker: S.V. Petoukhov, Prof., Dr. Sci. (Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia)
Time: 9:30-10:10, October 2, 2019
Location: “Amethyst” conference hall of Moscow Salut Hotel
Конференц-зал «Аметист» - Гостиница «Салют»


Abstract. The lecture is devoted to problems of a grammar of biology and using multidimensional numbers in bioinformatics and algebraic biology. Thematic applications of 2-dimensional hyperbolic (double) numbers and their algebraic 2n-dimensional extensions are described. Mathematical properties of hyperbolic numbers and their matrix representations are considered in a connection with alphabets of DNA nucleobases, with inherited phyllotaxis phenomena and with the Weber-Fechner law. New methods of algebraic analysis of the harmony of musical works are proposed, taking into account the innate predisposition of people to music. Known data on using hyperbolic rotations in physics and in some biological phenomena, including phyllotaxis laws and structural features of locomotions are discussed. On the basis of study results the hypothesis is put forward that alphabets of eigenvectors of matrix representations of basis units of 2n-dimensional hyperbolic numbers play a key role in transmitting biological information and that they can be considered as a foundation of coding information at different levels of biological organization. This hierarchial system of algebraic alphabets is considered as a possible system of pra-alphabets for various genetic and other biological languages. Applications of hyperbolic numbers reveal hidden interrelations between structures of different biological and physical phenomena. They lead to new approaches in mathematical modeling genetic phenomena and innate biological structures. The presented theme is associated with a famous slogan by Pythagoras: "Numbers rule the world".

Sergey V. Petoukhov, Prof., Dr. Sci.
Current employments: Head of Laboratory of biomechanical systems research in Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Chief researcher of the "Center of interdisciplinary researches of musical creativity" of the Moscow State Conservatory by P.I. Tchaikovsky; Editor-in-Chief of "International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Computing" (Hong Kong).
Selected honors and awards: Laureate of the State prize of the USSR; Academician of the Academy of Quality Problems (Russia, from 2000); Grand Doctor of Philosophy, Full Professor (The European Academy of Informatization, Belgium, 2004); the Chinese government has included S.V. Petoukhov in the "List of Outstanding Scientists in the World" in 2012; Chairman of Advisory Board of "International Symmetry Association", Budapest, Hungary, from 2003 till now;  Honorary chairman of Board Directors of "International Society of Symmetry in Bioinformatics", USA, 2005; co-leader of long-term scientific cooperation between Russian and Hungarian Academies of Sciences in the theme "Non-linear models and symmetrological analysis in biomechanics, bioinformatics and theory of self-organizing systems"; Scientific supervisor and main contractor for competitive state contracts on bioinformatics in 2009-2011; Vice-Chair of the International Advisory Board Directors of the Research Association of Modern Education and Computer Science (Hong Kong) from 2016; Vice-President of the International Society of Natural Medicine (Slovakia); scholarship for scientific internship in Germany from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, 2017).
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